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Design in Progress at AHD - Aquamarine and Prasiolite Raindrop Earrings, Day 3


I spent a good portion of yesterday attaching the briolettes to the earrings.  It's time consuming, but I enjoy it.  I do get frustrated when I chip a stone with the wire or do something foolish like wrap the loop without attaching it to the chain (it happened...chalk it up to distraction).  Nonetheless, they are going well and I'm pleased with the way they're turning out.  I find it greatly streamlines my process to work in stages.  I cut several bits of wire at a time, then thread them through the stones forming the loops all at one time, then attach the wire to the chain and wrap the free end at one time.

Here's a shot of my progress so far...

I'm hoping to finish attaching the briolettes today.  Soon enough I should receive some new ear wires I purchased from JLeeBeads on Etsy.  I'm thinking I'll likely use them on this design.  For any of you who make jewelry, check out her shop.  She has a really good selection and her service is fabulous.  As an added bonus for me, we're both in Texas so my orders arrive in no time!  She also makes beautifully simple, classic jewelry which you can find at her other Etsy shop JLeeStudios.

Hopefully, tomorrow or Thursday will bring a post with the finished product, so check back soon!

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