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About Amy

Aptitude tests in school told me I should have been an engineer  As usual, I went against the grain and with the help of the University of Texas, chose finance instead. After I was laid off from Enron in 2001, jaded by corporate America needless to say, I desperately wanted to find a career that fulfilled me on a more personal level. I've loved fashion and all things decadent and opulent for as long as I can remember. Gemstones, geology and mineralogy have fascinated me since childhood. Add to that an artistic side that hadn't been fed in a long while. Everything I needed for my own personal fulfillment seemed to align with jewelry design: the business aspect, the artistic aspect, the luxury of the materials and the process of building each piece with my hands. It was a perfect storm.


Everyone sees the world through different eyes. My work is a product of how I see this little corner of my world. How I may interpret a gemstone, combination of gemstones, their colors and textures, is vastly different than what another may see when looking at the same materials. For this reason, I also find great inspiration by working with my clients on commissions. Through their eyes, their interpretations, I’m broken out of my paradigm to work with color combinations or styles I may not have otherwise considered. Their impact on my creativity makes this little corner of my world a bit more expansive, each and every time. Each piece, be it commissioned or not, results in a connection between client and designer -- their world and mine.
The fact that others are affected by my work, enough to wear it to enhance their personal style, commemorate a life event or present it as a gift, is such a high compliment. As artists, we put a lot of who we are into our lines, consciously and subconsciously.  Every time one chooses to indulge in a piece of my jewelry, I suddenly have a little personal tie to someone I may have never met and likely never will...
                  ...but our little corners of the world have collided...
                    ...no matter on which continent we may reside.   
Welcome to my world,