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Design in Progress at AHD - Prasiolite and Aquamarine Raindrop Earrings, Days 1 and 2


I'm so glad that things are back to normal after the holidays and I can start to apply my focus to new designs.  My Etsy shop is empty and it seems every item on my website is marked "Sold," not that I'm complaining!  I've had some beautiful new gemstones come in over the past month and have been dying to work with them.  I've missed having the time to sit down and produce new pieces.  I'm not one who can do a little here and there.  I have to sit for hours, working as close to completion as I can in one session.  One project I've been carrying around in my head is for a pair of prasiolite (also known as green amethyst) and aquamarine hoop/chandelier earrings.  They will be a teardrop shape with prasiolite and aquamarine briolettes dangling randomly from different lengths of chain.  The idea makes me think of falling raindrops (and I love the rain).  I've been obsessed with prasiolite for the past several months.  I think its pale silvery-green color is beautiful and coordinates with so many different stones.   I have another prasiolite design that will be in the works next...but that's a later post!

After aiming to begin work on this design from early last week, on Sunday afternoon I finally managed to start forming the hoops for these earrings.  My workspace is upstairs, but instead I collected a few tools, some wire, chain and my bench blocks to move downstairs in front of the fireplace.  The cats were very excited to sit with me by the fire until I finished forming the hoops and started hammering them on the steel block!  They were much happier with me when I started wrapping the hoops,  attaching the bits of chain with fine gauge wire, and they quickly moved back onto the hearth.  Just forming and wrapping the hoops took me the better part of Sunday afternoon and evening (read 6+ hours).  I had to tear myself away for a couple of hours to prepare dinner and feed my husband, but promptly went back to work until I had the hoops completed.

With the hoops formed, hammered and wrapped in wire, I've moved back upstairs to my table where the beautiful glistening gemstones shown above are laid out and waiting to become a part of these lovely little earrings.  I can't wait to sit down and start working on them again today.  It's so gratifying to see your ideas come to be after carrying them around in your mind.  I get a great deal of satisfaction from assembling my designs, bit by bit.  I'm looking forward to the outcome and sharing more as this latest composition transitions from concept to actuality!

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