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Another treasury?  Really?  This has been a good week!  I'm so very flattered to be included in this absolutely delicious collection of artists in a treasury so beautiful I think it would look lovely hanging on a wall.  Jessica and Susan of Inedible Jewelry are the curators of this fantastic collection in the most gorgeous, spicy shades. 

Glass Panic's gorgeous, iridescent amber, ca. 1970, Kings Crown glass compote reminds me of a piece of my grandmother's that absolutely fascinated me.  It resided on the "DO NOT TOUCH" etagere that as a child, took every ounce of discipline for me to resist.  Speaking of trying to stay out of trouble at my grandparent's house, my grandmother also had the most beautiful rose-shaped soaps housed in a covered glass dish...almost like a terrarium.  Well, these buttercream Valentine soaps by Satin and Birch put those from my childhood to shame!  I can't get over how intricately beautiful they are.  They look like Wedgewood in caramel.  (P.S.  She does have them in Wedgewood blue as well!)  Speaking of intricate soaps, when I first looked at the treasury I seriously thought Love Lee Soaps Cinnamon Rolls were the real thing until I read the title underneath the photo.  Delicious!  Then there's Alice B Garden's yummy fine art photograph Caramels.  Who knew art could be so tasty?  Also check out her shop Elle Moss for incredibly dreamy fine art prints.  Surf and Sand's Brown Quartz necklace looks as worthy of being displayed in the finest candy shop as it does gracing any woman's neck.

This stunning treasury is also flush with beautiful blooms that weave themselves into the underlying (and accidental, according to Jessica) theme of concentric and radiating patterns.  Creative Apple's set of five Big Blooms greeting cards are so brilliantly cheerful they jump off of the screen.  Designed by Jane's forties inspired floral felt brooch is so intricately detailed it looks as though it couldn't possibly be fabric.  Block Party Press's Serenity Necklace is both detailed and elegantly simple at the same time, representing shimmering metallic chrysanthemum blossoms. 

Bead weaving is something I've never explored as a jewelry designer, but I certainly can appreciate the effort put into Licia Beads' beautiful, raspberry hued Woven Facets pendant and Lbtoyos' Cinnamon Beaded bead earrings.  (P.S.S. For you jewelry designers, Licia also has a gemstone supply shop called Licia's Bead Vault and I can attest first-hand that her selection, quality and service is fantastic!)  Another amazing technique in jewelry making is shown in Twirled Treasures' shop of unbelievable quilled designs.  Her well-honed skills are definitely showcased in her lovely Majestic Marquise necklace.  Having had a peek inside her shop, may I just say...WOW!   Speaking of new and interesting jewelry techniques, can you believe this fantastic spiral bracelet by Taylor's Eclectic is made from paper?  I'm completely blown away.  It looks so much like vibrant stained glass perched between the wire coils, but it's actually bits of paper, carefully sealed to make the piece wearable in any setting.  Taylor really has some very unique and interesting pieces (and her shop has now been added to my favorites).  I'm especially loving the Windswept Cherry Blossom Tree necklace and the Peacock Bubble Necklace

But wait...there's more!

The colors in None of the Above's terracotta sunshine pendant are so beautifully graduated with the deepest red Swarovski crystal as the centerpiece.  Polymer clay is another medium I've never worked in but I'm so impressed with what one can create with it!  Speaking of clay, Leili Design has such an amazing shop.  Her ceramic pieces reek of modern simplicity which I adore.  This tiny ceramic dish is aptly entitled "Toast" but I don't remember ever having a breakfast dish quite this pretty!  Yes...another new favorite shop... 

As I comment on each of the wonderful featured artists, I had to save Tasha MCK until the end.  Hers has long been a favorite shop of mine because her sweet little birds just melt my heart.  These nesting bowls, featuring her trademark birdies along with their nests, are just too lovely for words.

Of course, I'd be a terrible blogger and Etsy friend if I didn't mention our curators with an amazing eye.  Jessica and Susan are sisters and proprietors of the aptly named shop, Inedible Jewelry which is chock full of the most delicious looking treats...all made of polymer clay.  They've even authored book on how to make their lovely little delicacies.  I am absolutely overwhelmed by their attention to detail and incredibly clever designs.  Who knew bacon and eggs could grace one's earlobe so delicately?!

Thanks so much, Jessica and Susan for including my Tunduru sapphire and prasiolite earrings.  I chose those sapphires because I adored their earthy, spicy colors and am so pleased they found their way into a little corner of your rich, delicious treasury!  It's such a privilege to be featured with so many amazing artists.

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