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Wild Sand...Yummy Colors!


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It's been SO BUSY here lately!  I swear, sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going, but that's a good thing, right?

In the midst of whipping out new designs (photos to come!), taking photos (of course), updating my website, working on interviews and packing up for trunk shows, I received a lovely convo from BabyToGo from Etsy advising me that she'd used a pair of my earrings for her beautiful caramel-colored treasury entitled Wild Sand.  
With temperatures over 100 degrees in Austin this week, these colors make me long for autumn!!  I love the one-of-a-kind millefiori necklace of handmade beads by wandertaliBinduGlass' pressed lampwork beads look luscious and edible.  I love the sweet simplicity of WhimsyTreasure's Feathers In Her Hair necklace and ShoogiSpark's simple garnet earrings.  The warm textures and lovely neutral colors of DarlingTonia's velvet Sand Bow Belt, RedBracelet's floral headband and NzLbags' lovely knit handbag make me want to pull out my sweaters; while the feminine, airy florals of Onor's beautiful lace-trimmed mini dress and lonkoosh's vintage pearl necklace remind us that summer's not over just yet.  There's a treasure trove of other lovely items as well.  I could go on and on...
...and did I mention the incredible colors?

Thanks so much to BabyToGo for including me in yet another of her beautiful treasuries.  By the way, what great additions to her own shop!  So many lovely new items!!

Now...back to my photo editing and website updating.  Oh yeah...I desperately need to update my Etsy shop too!!

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