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Hard at Work Again...FINALLY!


We've had so much going on in the past couple of months, I've found it difficult to focus on Amy Holton Designs lately.  Shortly after putting my sister-in-law on her return flight to England, our last in a long line of events, I found myself sick in bed for two weeks.  Just what I needed!  UGH.  I'm sure it was my body's way of saying it's time to slow down and regroup.  Nonetheless, while in bed with my laptop and tissues I accepted an invitation to do a trunk show on the 14th of June at Barton Creek Resort and Spa, an absolutely beautiful resort and country club here in Austin.  I'm so flattered that they sought me out and extended the invitation.  Not a bad place to spend an afternoon and it's just the thing I needed to get me going again.  Of course this means new supplies were ordered and I have a head full of designs.  I'm absolutely in love with this black spinel that is about to become a very sparkly bracelet!!

One more thing...
It was so nice to come back after my blog-hiatus and find so many new followers!  Hello to you all.  I'm so pleased to have you join me and look forward to your comments!

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