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...And the Sapphire Journey Continues!


sapphire necklace handmade jewelry
Well, I've made progress over the weekend on the sapphire necklace.  No sapphires yet, but we're getting there!  Sometimes it's such a challenge to take the vision in your head and make it work in reality.  This took a great deal of trial and error, but I'm very pleased with the way it looks so far.  Thankfully, two of my stepkids were with us this weekend.  If it weren't for my third-hand, that of my ultra-cool stepdaughter, Amani, I would not be this far into the process!  It's been a very fiddly job (more so than many of my pieces, but that's what I love).  Sometimes you just need that extra hand.  She's very artsy-craftsy too and sat upstairs with me at my table.  She worked on valentines for her girlfriends and I worked on my necklace.  I did get an, "Amy, that is SO COOL," from her when we finally finished placing all of the chains.  Never hurts to get a thumbs-up from a seventeen year old!  (**Disclaimer ~ We do have very similar taste...but I'll take the compliment!)

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