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A Little Etsy Love - Cool New Etsy Tools!


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A fellow (brilliantly clever) Etsian, Shannon Kish, has created a great Etsy shop statistics site for those of us who sell on Etsy and are addicted to checking our statistics. Etsy Goth provides similar features as Heart-o-Matic (which is another favorite tool), but Shannon has taken it a couple of steps further, having also given the user the ability to sort by the returned information as well as show summary data regarding the returned results.  While she says it's still a work in progress, I find it very useful and it has quickly become one of my daily must-check sites.  You can view statistics about items in your shop, those who "heart" your listings and shop as well as retrieve summary information about listings and favorers.

Also don't forget to check out her fantastic artwork and jewelry at her own Etsy shop, alphagrl

Thanks for the great new tool, Shannon!

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