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Seed Planting Success!!


Ah...what luck!  It stopped raining almost long enough to get my little seeds in the ground.  Right as I was finishing up, it began to sprinkle, but I persevered.  I tried to keep my seed packets as dry as possible, covering them in their little plastic bucket while outside but they did get a little damp (so did I!) so I've laid them out to dry.  I'm sure they'll be fine.

So now I have several heirloom lettuce varieties, Swiss chard, a few more herbs (can you really ever have enough?) and I managed to get my collard green transplants in.  Grow, damn it, GROW!!

As happy as I am about the rain, I must admit I was a bit frustrated not having been able to plant more yesterday.  It's meant to rain most of the week.  I've been staked out at my computer near an open window listening for my opportunity.  Thankfully it came!  It didn't take nearly as long as I expected it would.  The rain continued all day yesterday.  About the time the sun was going down, I noticed the sky out of the front windows was a pinkish hue, despite the rain.  Hmmm...there must be sun somewhere...and sun+rain=rainbows.

(My view from upstairs yesterday evening.)

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