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I'm Not Quite Dead Yet!


OK, so I've been terrible about updating my posts lately. It's been a whirlwind these past several weeks! Thankfully, I'm finally sleeping normally again. My teenage stepchildren had their final school events, performances, etc. and they've kept us very busy. Not to mention, my husband Steve and I are looking forward to our upcoming vacation at The Tides Riviera Maya. We've been to this resort before and absolutely love it. The service, food, beach and amenities (and the spa!) are incredible!

Directly after we return, We're off to the fabulous little town of Bandera, Texas ("Cowboy Capital of the World!" Seriously! There are hitching posts outside of the "saloons" and some people DO ride their horses into town!). As the town receives many tourists from around the world, July 4th promises to be a successful weekend. My sister, brother-in-law and niece live there. I'll be doing the show with my mother. She creates a line of handbags that are oh-so-cute! (Another post about that later!) Her line is sold under the name "Bumble-B Bags." I'm trying to convince her to post her line on Etsy and am working on designing her website for her (in all of my "free" time...but I love doing it!). She definitely needs one. Even if she's not ready to sell online, she at least needs an online portfolio. Needless to say, I've been frantically creating new pieces for the show and prepare for that while shuttling my stepchildren (mostly my stepdaughter) to all of their activities...and there are a lot! I don't mind it at all, though. They're so fabulous and I was equally active if not more at that age. They've been with us all week while their mom is away. It's so great to have them here every day. They were in Ethiopia for four years, so now that they're back in Texas, we can't get enough of them!

In preparing for the Bandera show, I've completed my emerald earrings...which I still promise to share. I'm working on the pearl and coral ones intermittently and may change my mind on the design altogether. I did complete my amethyst flower necklace, which everyone loves. You can see the details here. It's the first item on the page. I also still need to photograph my new pieces (as well as take better ones of those completed earlier...thanks for the new DSLR, sweetie!!). Couple that with packing for vacation (which includes laundry of course), packing for the Bandera show, cleaning the house, finalizing details with the house-sitter, finishing my mom's banner for the Bandera show, shuttle services...WHEW!! Does Etsy sell more hours in the day?! Would that fall under "Supplies"?!

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